Premier is a leading specialty chemical manufacturer in India, with offices and manufacturing facilities located in and around Mumbai.

Premier Group of Industries

Premier was founded in 1992 to meet the needs of the specialty chemical requirements of the Indian and global market. Today, we are known worldwide trusted partners for many of the companies around the world.

We are committed as solution providers to all our customers and business associates to improve efficiency, integrity, and profitability, this makes Premier an indispensable partner for all our customers and business associates.

Our manufacturing plant is located in MIDC in Tarapur, Maharashtra, about 100 kilometers from Mumbai. The company initially engaged in Cyanation and high-pressure Amination reaction. Over the period, the management advanced in other Chemicals Processes like Friedel Craft, Hydrolysis, Condensation, Chlorination, Acetylation, Replacement Reaction, Amination Reaction, Cyanation Reaction, Esterification Reaction & Aldol Condensation. A rapid growth in technological expertise expanded the breadth of the product selection.

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate