Benzyl alcohol, is also known as Aromatic Alcohol with the chemical formula C7H8O. At room temperature, benzyl alcohol exists as a colorless liquid with a mild aroma. Its polarity, low toxicity levels, and low vapor pressure make it a useful solvent. This compound isn't very soluble in water. However, it forms miscible compounds with diethyl ether and other alcohols. Many plants are known to naturally produce C7H8O. The essential oils extracted from jasmine, ylang-ylang, and hyacinth contain some percentage of benzyl alcohol.

Properties of Benzyl Alcohol

  • Molecular formula: C7H8O
  • CAS No.: 100-51-6
  • The molecular weight of Benzyl Alcohol is 108.14 g/mol.
  • The boiling point of Benzyl Alcohol is 205.3 °C (401.5 °F)
  • Specific gravity: 1.045 gm/ml at 25 °C
  • Assay: Not less than 99.0% (By GC)
  • Benzyl alcohol is a colourless, slightly aromatic liquid
  • It is soluble in several organic solvents such as benzene, methanol, acetone, and ether.

Applications of Benzyl Alcohol

  • Benzyl alcohol is used as a bacteriostatic preservative in intravenous medicines, cosmetics, and topical products at low concentrations.
  • Benzoyl alcohol is the key ingredient in lotions that contain 5% benzyl alcohol for treating lice infestations.
  • It is used to identify the presence of contaminants and the purity of quartz.
  • Benzyl alcohol is commonly used in industries as adhesives and sealants, dyes, laboratory chemicals, lubricants and lubricant additives, paint additives and coating, photo-sensitive chemicals, plating, and surface-treating agents, etc.